About The Camp



With a few exceptions, the American cyclocross season has always culminated with U.S. Nationals sometime in December. For those riders aspiring to strong performance at the world championships in late January, this gap in the racing schedule presents problems. How to gain or hold form with no racing for six weeks and then racing in the biggest race of one’s life at the end of that six weeks. Crazy!

Having direct experience with this dilemma as a USA team member from 1993-1996, Geoff Proctor spent time researching the prospects of a first EuroCrossCamp with Noel Dejonckheere while in Belgium during the summer of 2003. The idea came to fruition that Christmas 2003 with the first Camp. Since then, the level of rider and knowledge base has risen significantly. Not only have U.S. world cyclocross championship results improved dramatically, but also, some riders like Bjorn Selander, Danny Summerhill, Ryan Trebon, Jeremy Powers, Jaime Driscoll, and Barry Wicks are finding significant success on the road and mountain bike. Part of the vision of the Camp is to view bike racing holistically, helping riders find their place in the cycling ecosystem. EuroCrossCamp has often served as a starting point for international experience for many riders. The higher a rider goes, the more important it is to have international experience. With continued commitment on the part of the riders, staff and supporters, we truly believe the U.S. can become a world cyclocross power. One hurdle at a time.






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