Rules and Guidelines

  1. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed during your stay in Belgium. See Director’s Anti-Doping Statement. Also, it your responsibility to know your levels and be in possession of any paperwork for medical abnormalities. If you have a naturally high hematocrit, you must follow USAC protocol. This is your responsibility as an athlete.
  2. If you need medications for your health, please make sure these meds can be imported into Belgium. Every race there can be a control. Make sure medications are legal by checking:
  3. Helmets are mandatory for all training and racing.
  4. All House riders must do their fair share with House chores. A schedule will be up for everyday and each rider doing his part goes a long ways towards domestic harmony.
  5. Vacationing family members and friends are not allowed in the House unless there are special circumstances. All visitors must check with the Director prior to arrival. Along the same lines, at the races, the area cordoned off around the vans/trainers/mechanics is for the riders only. Please visit with family and friends outside of this area.
  6. Each night at dinner the Director will review the day and discuss the next day’s plan. A schedule will be posted and discussed. All riders must be punctual and ready at their appointed times for departure, changing, warming up etc. to keep things running smoothly. For example, if the mechanics need the bikes to pack the van by a certain time, then it is the rider’s responsibility to have his training and maintenance done so that his bikes are ready to be packed.
  7. Regarding publicity: there will be times where the media is around. Carry yourself in a professional manner. If you have team issue clothing, wear it when you travel. Present yourself well and you’ll be treated that way. If you are writing in your blog or for the camp websites, remember to be professional and cognizant of the big picture. All camp riders will be required to write a few entries for the camp website and/or a commercial website.
  8. Appreciate those who support you in writing. Travel with sponsor’s contact information.
  9. Always say “please” and “thank you”.
  10. Understand the roles of the staff available to support you:
    • Director—Have paperwork in order and communicate problems and successes. Director will have at least two one-on-one meetings with you during the camp.
    • Soigneurs—If you have a special drink that you need or specific eating requests, convey to the soigneur. Always communicate any onset of illness or injury! Learn the benefits of massage.
    • Mechanics—Travel and race with a clean bike. If you have a mechanical issue, communicate with the mechanic the night before.
    • Roommates—be considerate of personal space, of personal hygiene and of daily activities. Avoid turning on lights or having phone conversations late at night. Be respectful of nap times and regular sleep schedules. Quiet time is after 10 pm.
    • With you (in carry-on): Helmet, shoes, pedals, racing license, passport, bike fit measurements, sponsor contact info, emergency numbers.
    • With your bike (in bike case): pump, spare tubes, any special tools, spare parts.
    • Inside your checked luggage: duplicates of passport and racing license.
    • At home, accessible by a responsible adult: duplicates of your race license and passport.
  11. Understand and review all UCI regulations.
  12. Be an ambassador for the sport of cycling.




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