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Diary – Toughness by Jake Wells

Jake Wells stays the course at Loenhout.  ©

Seems like it is hard to get away for the discussion of life lessons when talking about the EuroCrossCamp experience.  In the last installment of the EuroCrossCamp Diaries on, Jake Wells talks about that very thing in his post called “Belgium:  Land of Enlightenment.” Jake asks the question, Does racing in Belgium automatically lift you up to another level as a racer?  “So, is there something magical about Belgium? Are you automatically going to be transformed into some kind of cyclocross powerhouse based on the fact that you make the trip over and race on legendary courses? Absolutely not. It’s about broadening you perspective. It’s about the experience and the knowledge that you gain. You get to catch a glimpse first hand at what it takes to be the best in the world. Not only do you race against the most talented fields on difficult courses, but you see the sacrifice needed to make it at this level. These guys are machines.”

“I am in my early thirties and and have a family, so it is safe to say that I am not the typical demographic for EuroCrossCamp. However, this camp is not only beneficial to someone that wants to experience cyclocross at the highest level but it is also helpful in learning life lessons. Cycling is a tough sport, and it is as much about perseverance as personal fitness. If you are looking for an excuse, you can always find a reason for not doing well in a race. It takes mental fortitude to overcome this and keep lifting yourself back up. Racing in Belgium requires this kind of fortitude over and over again. Being a foreigner in Belgium teaches you that everything isn’t always going to be perfect on race day.”

Jake is racing with EuroCrossCamp for the first time this year.  He’s from Avon, Colorado where he rides for Stan’s No Tubes.  Read the entire diary entry at

Jake Wells fighting tooth and nail for every inch in Zolder  ©






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