2013 Selections

On the road, thumbs up! ©TomRobertsonPhoto.com


EuroCrossCamp has two objectives: to prepare American riders for the world championships and to offer emerging talent an opportunity to gain European race experience.

16 riders will be selected by the week ending November 15, 2013 to attend EuroCrossCamp.

Camp selection is based solely on the Director’s discretion. As a result, the Director and his staff will use the following guidelines to select the riders:

1.    Strong performance in European UCI World Cups and C1 and C2 cyclocross races from October 1, 2013 through the November 10, 2013 deadline.

2.    Strong performance in domestic UCI races from the beginning of October through November 10, 2013. Juniors should try to attend at least one of the UCI Junior weekends prior to the November deadline.

3.    Recent improvement in US calendar races from October 1 through November 10, 2013. In order of priority:
a) US UCI class 1 and 2 calendar races;
b) US regional non-UCI class races;
c) US local non-UCI class races.

4.    For elite men and women, riders should be in the top 100 in the UCI rankings to be considered.

5.    The Director and staff reserve the right to select the most conducive combination of riders by category. In other words, there is no set number of juniors, espoirs, women, or elite men for the Camp. The numbers will be based on who is interested, who is riding well, staffing, and team dynamics.

Regular communication with the Director is highly encouraged. As the season progresses, it’s important for interested riders to keep in touch with the Director concerning season objectives, financial situation, and injuries and illness.

Waiting in the pits for the next rider.  ©TomRobertsonPhoto.com